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Yes, London. You know, fish, chips, cup o tea, bad food, worse weather, Mary-fucking-Poppins. London! – Dennis Farina


4 days in London? Great!


Here are the ‘Musts’, or 6 things you can do, and then tell your friends that you did…

*In a next blogpost I will write more about unconventional places to go and personal picks that have something more special… 😉


1.London Eye, Westminster & Big Ben


Take a walk along the Thames and walk close by the London Eye! This giant wheel located in the South Bank is one of the cities  highlights. It is also the most popular paid attraction in London!

Keep on walking and you will  be facing the Palace of Westminster. This is the meeting place of the House of Commons.

Located in Westminster, the  Big Ben is another London’s trademarks.  It is London’s Icon recognised all around the world!

It is a giant tower with a clock, designed in neo gothic style.



2. Buckingham Palace & Hyde Park

The residence of the monarch of the UK is really worth a look if you happen to be in London! The gardens are really manicured, and the building is quite impressive, and well-guarded as well! If you are lucky and are there at the right time, you can see the change of guard!




The Hyde Park is a major park in Central London! You can see a lot of squirrels… and play with them!


Photo Cred: Contact Directory UK


3. Oxford & Regent Streets… stop by Hamleys

Stroll around the city and get to these two busy streets. Here you can do all the necessary shopping for christmas or for yourself.

The Oxford street is the most crowded street of Europe, according to

So don’t keep on scrolling on your phone while walking here! You will bump into a bunch…

What I would recommend is paying a visit to  Hamleys the toy store. It is awesome, imaginative and full of toys and plush animals. Just get in… and be back to 10 years old! 🐻


4. Covent Garden… & surroundings

This nice central area is home to many shops, boutiques and nice cafés.It used to be a market, and now the interior is reconverted

There are a lot of options to eat, so you have to pick the best place!


5. Soho & Carnaby Street


Get lost in the Soho. Explore, look around and sit at a nice coffee shop. You can feel a different vibe in this central area, and get inspired in this fashionable district.

Carnaby Street! This pedestrian area is a shopping street with many modern influences, and counts with some special boutiques.


6. Camden

Last and must stop.  This north-west borough is fun, colourful and has many things to offer. From getting vintage hoodies to tattoos, you can find very special things and souvenirs. You can go to the

The Camden Lock is its highlight, with the canal, a nice place to chill at during spring and summer days.

The Primrose Hill  is also around the area, and a good option if you decide to go on a picnick date with friends or someone special!


Don’t forget to go out at night and enjoy the pub life for a little.

It will give you a taste of London’s nights…or the beginning of the nights!

Continuing is optional 😉









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