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And Seattle isn’t really crazy anymore. It’s a big dot-com city.
-Krist Novoselic, former Nirvana guitarist






On my way from Hawai’i to Spain, I landed in this north west-side american corner.

I decided to take time and spend there 2 days to visit… my  friend and the city.

We had a busy schedule, and thanks to that I could get a complete ‘gaze’ of the city in just 48 hours.


Rushing through the metropolis


It is awesome to have local friends and  when you are in what I call Tourimode in a new place. They know which crowded areas and tourist traps to avoid, and know the must sees and must visits.

As a fast-moving city,Seattle is home to Microsoft, Starbucks and Amazon. That is why many young people move here to pursue a career after college.

Many students and young entrepreneurs live here because there is a city with industry and many opportunities.


Amazon Spheres


  1. PIKE MARKET:  The first day we rushed through the city centre, enjoying the Pike Market briefly. Located at the central waterfront of Seattle, this is one of the oldest public farmers markets in the US!27283904_Unknown

The Pike Market has tons of different foods to offer, from the most diverse cultures.
Also has some passages which lead to viewpoints like this:



Gummy gummy!

Famous tourist attraction, it is as the name says : A wall full of gum. Or a gum full of wall.  Colourful, thousands of chewed gums are stuck here everyday. It has been gathering gum since the early 1990s, more than 20 years!


Check for 9 weird  facts here…! LOL ⭐️


The original Starbucks.Opened 1912. It is at the Pike Place Market, and it is still conserving its original appearance. Starbucks has a worldwide success, counting with locations in over 76 countries.It is regarded as the biggest coffee house chain in the world. The giant brand is often studied at Universities for its success, and examined as business model.

This is the origin:


It is right at the Pike Market Square, and there are lots of tourists approaching and ordering coffee, but there is a looong line, and if you are really craving a hot cup, I would rather go to another Starbucks location.


We also went to the Starbucks Roastery, a type of ´Showroom´for those who share a passion for coffee. Unlike other Starbucks stores, this is an immersion in the world of coffee, where you can book an event or an experience.


There is a beautifully engineered system: The big copper tin (on the back) roasts the beans, and these go through the pipes and arrive in the hoopers.

The skilled baristas take care of the last step, and prepare the coffee drinks.

It even counts with a small library to read on coffee. Here… reading on my favorite plant… You caught me!





Where there is a lake, there are going to be ducks.🐥 And people willing to chill and sail it. Some boat owners just live here, but others come and enjoy some hours at the lake, or fun activities in the summer!



We went on a boat ride on the lake, thanks to a third friend who took us out, and could see a family of ducklings get a glance of the skyline from the lake, which was beautiful! (And cold) 



Prize to the most photogenic building 2018. *rated by me*

IMG_7246 (1)

This building by the famous dutch architect, Rem Koolhas is a wonder of architecture.It has a unique and striking appearance, and represents some of the most important architecture in Seattle.The spacious inside could only remind me of the WU, University of Vienna of Economics, where I spent many hours reading and writing my thesis.It is beautiful inside and outside, and if you look for it on Instagram you will see the most creative shots! The red room, the yellow room…. People come here to study, read or try to get artsy with their angles…

Also gives you the feeling you can stay and read for hours.


Later on, its time to relax & let go.


Photo courtesy: WORLD´S BEST BARS


Hey, you like Cider? Come on in!

They have a large selection of ciders and other cocktails.

I had the Hibiscus Blood Orange. Because, why not. You can sample and choose!It is a great club to enjoy hours of live music, and jams, from acapella to beatbox, to jazz.

The artists invite the public to play and jam with them, to dance and enjoy themselves.

We saw people from Seattle, Senegal, Brazil and Spain among others performing and it was a  great experience.

Don’t forget to drop by if in Seattle!

This city is definitely worth visiting, and enjoying! I would love to come back in a warmer season, to enjoy the lake and some more hiking adventures, which I couldnt strike off the list!







*Note: Haleigh Rose Boutique jacket featured in this article. Model: Beige.

PICS of were taken by the wonderful Anna!  Follow her on Insta at @missfunanna

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