Kalapana… & Pele

2018. Kalapana  is this town and region in the Puna district. It was affected by different lava flows throughout the years. In 1990 the town was partially destroyed, and now, in this year the Kilauea erupted again.  This blocked some roads

The lava created a new coastline, which is beautifully shaped and black.





And this takes us to Pele. She is the goddess of fire and the volcanoes. The deity is known to control the lava flows.

Pele, known as the one who shapes sacred land, is a very respected deity who is in the ancient Hawaiian chants to be found. It is very respected, and domains the volcanic activity on Hawai’i. The goddess  is characterised by her power, passion and capriciousness.  There are different legends about her, which are worth reading!

Personally I find legends which shape cultural histories very interesting, and above all respect to the land and the generations that have lived on the earth before me.




Enjoy the beautiful coastline.

Kalapana Lavaflow and surroundings.









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