Lava hike – Hawai’i

Pohoiki,Puna. Big Island – Hawai’i.

>This summer, more precisely in June, the Volcano had an outburst in Hawaii.This was a historical event that had many consequences.On the one side, it  left over 250 people without their land, home, and farms. Many people are having to leave in micro houses right now because of it.A beautiful seaside that was known for being a beautiful lava rock beach and a snorkel spot was completely wiped off the map.The corals and reefs that had been growing over centuries were covered by lava.This resulted in a dramatic landscape change.

And the creation of a new black sand beach. Now there is a natural pool, formed by the lava too. PICS below.

lava hike - 1

Click here to see the spot now!

The roads that lead here are blocked, and due to the uncertainty of the activity of the Volcano, the works to clear the roads haven’t commenced yet.We took a route to get to the Isaac Hale Park, the old Beach State Park which was a wonderful spot. There was not really a signalised way, just some coconuts to follow along the lava rock field, and then one or two visitors who would point out the right way…

To get there we had to hike for two hours on full sun,and a half over loose lava rocks, and follow a road in the forest… Here our journey…

Forest- Lava rock – Forest- Road—-> Black Sand Beach! (back & forth) I would recommend taking with you sunscreen,a lot of water and some food!






Better wear gloves 😉







Black Sand Beach- Pohoiki



Natural pool. Break


And the way back…


Here you can see a snap of the whole journey.

I was sooo happy we could have sushi afterwards…! 🍣




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