The hidden part of being abroad

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Leaving my house 5 years ago has taught me many things.
It has also taken me to many wonderful places, what I am very grateful for.

When you leave your home, your friends and the plans around them, you also leave a little piece of yourself behind.

Moving from country to country and from house to house also helps you grow.
Adapt, rethink, restart.

See how the different mindsets work, and try to adapt these to your way of thinking.
It is interesting to see what makes different cultures come forward, find motivation in their everyday-lives, and celebrate when they got the chance.

As a matter of fact, when you leave your home your friendships change.The relationships evolve.
For better or worse, you find out who are these ready for the long run 😉

I am told -many times- that I am lucky to be traveling so much, and that my life looks great (…)
But hey, each one of us has the chance to choose their path!
There are some ways I see this:
First of all, I believe that luck is what might help you when you are actually towards a goal. You have to be working already, though.
Second, in my university years I focused on the impact of social media on society.
It is becoming bigger and bigger, when social media shows to compare yourselves might it be physically, intellectually, or in general, about how others live their lives.
I choose to use social media to share my adventures, stay in touch with my friends, and get inspiration from other bloggers/instagrammers and travelers, since I am working remote-based.

Back to my abroad journey , it is an overall positive experience with its ups and downs, and a lot of room for improvement.
The tradeoff of being a traveler and away from home many times, is the evolution of an independent, and well prepared self to encounter future challenges along the way.








Pictures were taken at the Mahai’ula beach on Big Island, Hawai’i.

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  1. Colton Collins
    November 4, 2018 / 5:47 am

    These photos with the presets turned out great!

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