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Me: Girl from the Basque Country living on Big Island, Hawaii.

19 countries and counting! 

I am happy to announce that after months and months of thinking about writing, having my thoughts getting tangled and lost in my head, being bursting with new ideas, I decided to write things down.

Okay the typical. Presentation and stuff: I am 24. Originally from Bilbao, the Basque Country. It is a region located in the north of Spain. If you haven’t been let me tell you that it is a must see, and must eat too! The gastronomic culture is amazing. If you have been, you know what ‘Pintxos‘ are 😉 .

Right after school, I left my home to study, and things took an unexpected turn.

Pamplona, where the big San Fermín party happens became my first home. A small town, a great year. Meeting great people from all parts of Spain (Mallorca, Madrid, Valencia, Barcelona, Málaga, Galicia…) and from other countries like Honduras, Colombia and Costa Rica was eye-opening to me.

I always had that je-ne sais-quoi inside of me, making me travel, discover, see and experience new things outside of what I knew before.  My passion for languages also helped me understand other mindsets, and made me thirstier to know how the world works, what makes us different and what unites us.

Having family abroad who I could look up to and see how you develop while facing challenges abroad made me want to move out. (Cheers, bro)

And it was only when my austrian friend encouraged me to continue my studies in Vienna.

Thats how I landed in Austria, and I stayed for 4 years.  I was missing my Spanish friends though! 😥

In this cold land I found warm people. What can I say, if my best friends were from USA, Philippines and Kazakhstan! Every day I found encouragement to study, learn and discover new cuisines and mindsets.After synthethising all this, I moved to Munich. Beautiful place in the heart of Europe where I could reconnect with friends, gain work experience and discover the best breakfast spots.

Here I will be giving the best breakfast advices, travel hacks, Airbnb reviews and brunch spots, and personally picked routes to see each city.

Hike trails Also I will be sharing my views on up-to-date topics, as well as the upsides and downsides of being on the go.

Luckily, there are always people to count on (Sis you know), and family who stands by. 💕

I am a huge fan of brunches/ breakfasts, so you might as well check my Instagram stories for recommendations.

I will be blogging on sundays. I think sundays are to relax.

Or to recover from rough weekends.

Writing is relaxing. Its like a big canvas you can fill  paint your stories and share some of your knowledge with fellow entrepeneurs, travelers and bloggers and friends!

I am based on Big Island, HI, and this is my third month here. The picture at the bottom was taken at Waikiki, on O’ahu during my last trip.

Soon I will be headed to Europe, to make another city my home.

Deep down in my heart I am an island girl! I can’t believe time happens so fast when you are where you want!  HILO: This place has been my home for the past 2 months, and I was lucky to meet some amazing people, with many ideas and projects…!

My motto is: surround yourself with people who push you forward! Only by helping others you help yourself, and can achieve your goals!

Welcome to my online adventure, and I will  take over the blogging world, one post at a time!




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If you can dream it, you can do it! -Tom Fitzgerald-





  1. October 18, 2018 / 9:36 pm

    Love it! I can feel your energy through your written words.

  2. Markelillo
    October 19, 2018 / 12:03 am

    Zorte on abenturagaz! Interesgarria zalantza barik😉😉

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