What is this about?

Meet Missblitz.

What is this about?



This is about traveling.

Lunching. Brunching. 


Im talking cafés.

Sweet spots.

Recommendations for you and your friends for your next trips.

As an entrepeneur, I am always trying to find a nice places with a good ambiances. And they often come with a good menu!

*Right now I am on the Big Island, Hawaii.*

And will be reviewing soon my favourite places here!

I do trend analysis.Market research. So I am used to look for a place worth my time.

So if you are abroad, and I have been there, feel free to ask!

The quality of your trip is always influenced by the food, the environment and the people.For me, this is a must.Pretty much everywhere I went, I met amazing people with different backgrounds and mindsets.

Among other trips…

I went to Thailand, I met awesome people. We had a good time, traveled together, shared adventures and hikes, and stayed in touch.

I went to London and I made friends with people from the most different places in the world.

North America. Centro- and South America. Europe. India. Asia. Australia.Hawaii.(That is the reason I am here today.)

During my London time we shared strolls, meals, and opinions with friends. I really enjoy exchanging points of view on different topics, as well as on how to become a better professional, or a better person.

What works for you?

It might work for me.

Being able to stay in touch with friends abroad is awesome. You get to plan trips with them, discuss about up-to-date topics and get travel advices.  Different nationalities mean different backgrounds, experiences, and  traditions.This is what I see as an enriching experience. 

But above all, to contact and help each other really makes me think that we can move forward as society.

This is the meaning of globalisation to me.

It is more than integrating companies across nations. It is about integrating people.




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