What to do in Hilo, Hawaii

-First of all, Mahalo. To the land which had me three months living, enjoying and learning from it and its people.


Hawai’i is an amazing place to discover. It is not fair to reduce it to an idyllic place to spend your vacation at. Immersing in the Hawaiian culture meant a lot for me, but above all peace of spirit, and the awakening of my sense of duty to take care of our planet.

Living here means being surrounded by amazing fauna & flora all the time. The grass is so green, the plants so colourful, and the animals so happy.

Hilo is little town on Big Island, Hawaii.

🌦It rains. A lot. But the sun shines in between, and keeps everyone happy.

I really liked the vibe of the people here. From Hilo you can drive around the Island and check out amazing spots like the Waipio Valley,  the Volcano Park, Pololu Valley (all these with amazing lookouts) , a winery, a macadamia nut farm and other wonders. Also you could drive to Kona side, and enjoy the beaches and the sun a little more.

Hilo itself, its bays and surrounding beaches are a daydream…



*Drive through the Banyan drive!


Here is 6 things I summed up that you could do when in Hilo!


1.Go to Hilo downtown.

Get to know the town, visit. Look around. Go in the local shops and value handcrafted textiles, books and jewellery.


2. Farmer’s Markets! 

From fresh fruit and hawaiian jellies to put on your breakfast toasts to juices and flowers to take with you… You just have to experience it.  Recommended to go on Wednesdays / Saturdays.  On sundays you can always visit the Maku’u Market! 👌🏾



3. Café Pesto

If you are a foodie, like me and like to check out different venues to eat you should come here. Relaxed venue to have risotto, pizzas or great desserts. Scroll down…

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4. Haleigh’s Rose Boutique 

Into fashion? Into good prices? Here you will be hunting for the latest trends, and will be taken care by the most friendly staff.



5. Tropical Garden

A garden and a ocean. If you are a plant geek or just love tropicals, this is a mandatory stop. Lush species from exotic places are here to be found…

Snapseed (2)


6. Volcano Park and Mauna Kea 

6.1.Closed for some months, the Volcano State Park reopened now. The feeling of hiking through a volcano crater is incomparable.





6.2. The Mauna Kea is a dormant volcano. It is the highest point of the Hawaiian Islands, and measured from its oceanic base the tallest mountain in the world!

On clear days you can enjoy astonishing sunsets above the clouds…



*If you want to discover more places to eat at during your Hilo visit, click here! 

I have to say I fell in love with Kona side as well, its coffee and seaside…

It is definitely worth a visit.


Aloha and have fun! 🤗




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